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I am best described as the creative-genius, innovator-on-demand, budding entrepreneur, adventure-hunter, in-house-inventor, once-upon-a-scientist, tech-support-for-family-and-friends. Among my other interests, I love traveling across the country, enjoying the diversity of the land and taking in the human experience. Some part of me wants to be a social scientist, another wants to be an economist, and yet another wants to be the entrepreneur with the "next" hit idea (I already have a couple in my head). In the meanwhile, I spend time absorbing the business and technology environment, and sparking new ideas over coffee.

I work for a fast paced startup, aptly called iRise. It is a Management Consulting firm started by some brilliant Accenture alumni. We are at the cutting edge of a nascent software visualization industry. I work as a Senior Consultant, helping our clients integrate our product and strategy into their processes.

Previously, I worked with BearingPoint (formerly KPMG Consulting), in the Financial Services Practice as a Business Consultant for over 3 years. I have also had a couple of stints at SunTrust and several key projects in the Financial Industry.

I obtained my Bachelor of Business Administration degree in MIS (Management Information Systems) from the University of Georgia, Terry College of Business (UGA Alumni, Class of 2003).

My Key Skills:

Business / Information Skills

Enterprise Skills

  • Process Modelling, Data Flow Diagrams
  • Executive Information Systems
  • Expert Systems, AI Decision Engines
  • Sox-Compliance, Document Management
  • Expert MS Excel, MS Word, MS Office
  • Loan Origination Systems
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • ERP Financial, Purchasing, Vendor
  • SAP R/3

Web and Multimedia Technologies

Database, SQL and Systems

  • Dreamweaver, Flash, Fireworks
  • Apache Web Server, IIS
  • Digital Imaging, Photoshop, DTP
  • Data Modeling, SQL
  • Access, NetDB2, MS-SQL, Sybase
  • C, C++, Visual Basic.Net


Networking, PC and Hardware
  • DSL, Cable, FiOS Internet Concepts
  • VoIP, IP Telephony Concepts
  • Broadband Concepts
  • T1 and T3 lines, POTS Concepts
  • LDAP, NFS and Novell
  • LAN, WAN, Firewall Configuration
  • Routers, Wireless Wi-Fi protocols
  • Windows OS Troubleshooting
  • PC Assembly and Hardware

I am open to opportunities. I am always chasing innovative and ground breaking ideas!


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