Here are some resources, ideas, and programs for making life better:

In Windows XP, use a batch file (BAT) to start several programs on startup. Click here for a sample code for the Start.bat file. You can place the Startup.bat file on the C drive, and place a shortcut to it in the Startup folder in Windows XP

T-Mobile USA: Picture Messaging, MMS Settings, SMS Settings, WAP Settings, Internet Settings for SPV C500 or QTek 8010 or I-mate SP3 or Audiovox SMT5600 and other Smartphones using Windows Mobile 2003 SE

Good News: Enable "My Location" in Google Maps on Windows Mobile 6 or WM6 Phone (e.g. T-Mobile Dash, etc). Fix for "your current location is temporarily unavailable" message.

T-Mobile Dash and HTC S620 users using Kavanna and Ricky ROM, silent ringer using volume strip

Get Windows Mobile 6.1 on your T-Mobile Dash or HTC Excalibur. Install the Kavanna version or Ricky's latest version from here.


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