I have a wonderful family consisting of my two parents and my younger brother and myself.

  • DAD: My Dad, Abu Jusab Halai, is the the finest and most sharp of all men I have met. Tough times made him start his own business during his college years. He has studied Law, but is not a practicing lawyer. They fondly call him Abu-bhai. Currently, he runs a construction material depot, and estate agency. He is also actively managing my Mom's beauty parlor - taking care of legal and operational details - making it smooth for my mum. Dad loves to get involved in social activities. He is always there for anyone who needs help. He loves to listen to Mukesh and Mohd. Rafi. He has so many stories to tell about his time when he dealt regularly with the film industry heavyweights. He still does, but those yester-years sound so magnificent!
  • MOM: My Mom, Hamida Abu Halai, is a very versatile and intelligent lady. She is a certified Nurse and an accomplished businesswoman. She has been through several ventures - first working as a nurse, then running a photocopy shop, then running a beauty parlor - all while raising two intelligent kids at the same time. She loves to keep herself busy! She is always full of energy, and always full of smart advice for me and my brother.
  • SAMLI: My brother, Sameer Abu Halai, is perhaps greater than Einstein. He is only two years younger to me, and has been my best buddy. We used to always have our little fights when we were kids, but its surprising how thos have turned into sweet memories! He is extremely intelligent. He could have easily been a phenomenal philosopher - not to say he already isn't one. He did his BS in Computer Engineering from the University of Mumbai. He completed his MS in Information Science from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. He now works as a Product Manager for Microsoft. (Sameer's Website)


  • SULLI: Thats me :)


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