It is hard not to have an opinion about what is going on in the world. So what am I thinking about?

Global Political Situation:

Every 5 years it seems we are about to go head first into a World War III. I think a lot of improvement needs to come at the political level, with sincere leadership and a concrete clear direction. I have a feeling we won't realize this till we receive another shock like Hiroshima or Nagasaki.

Society and Apathy:

It is really unfortunate to see this state of suffering and adject poverty in the world. We are all condemned to a seemingly endless struggle. It is very concerning, very concernining..

Long Term Ambitions:

I think we all have two choices. We can make this world a better place by:

  1. Acting on the field in the role of a social worker or activist or politician.
  2. Acting in the side-role of supporting activities and funding positive change.

Problem is we don't have enough people considering option 1 - we are all too comfortable. I am currently on option 2, but I have plans for option 1. I must build a solid foundation for more concrete work. I think I will hit option 1 sometime in the next 30 years - sounds like a long selfish target? Well, I just think its not time for me yet.

If I decide to be a social worker, I would love to work in Africa. Why not India? I think India has a lot of good things going for itself already. The most needy place on Earth has to be Africa. When I cross 40-45 I would definitely like to devote some time to this mission in life.

If things work out right, I might become a politician myself.

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