I wonder where I would be without these amazing people who made me who I am today! We played together, quarelled, squibbled, cried, beat each other up, even explored some really heady intellectual stuff. Together we built personalities and fueled each other's genius. I wish I could keep in touch with everyone, and find out how everyone is doing. Hope they see this and contact me! Perhaps they will sign my GUESTBOOK

NOTE: I AM STILL ADDING NAMES HERE ... a little nudge/reminder will help me a lot!

Life: (Atlanta, GA)

College: UGA (Athens, GA)

College: BMS Mithibai (Mumbai, India)

College: BSc St. Xavier's (Mumbai, India)

Junior College (Grade 11 and 12): Mithibai (Mumbai, India)

NIIT Friends (Hill Road, Bandra, Mumbai, India)

School: BHavan's A. H. Wadia High School (Mumbai, India)

Childhood Friends (Mumbai, India)


Life in Atlanta

UGA - University of Georgia

University was a great time, laughter, goofiness, and growing up into balancing life. I met Saurabh, Abhijit, Janaki , Namrata and spent some very memorable times with them. I have lost touch - and I regret it. But then that's life. I hope I see them soon ...

Then I rediscovered the magical power of a common mission. I met Imran, Anand , Pallavi, Rohit, Beena, Abhishek, Dhanashri, Dhara and Jinali. Imran, Anand, Rohit, Abhishek are like brothers to me. We have had so many picnics and potluck dinners together! They are my Desi gang!

Ajay, Andy, Josh, Josiah, Gentry, A-Dog (Erin) and their Dublin gang are the Athens headliners! Ajay introduced me to the world of music, and the potential of the human genius.

I had the good fortune of getting to know some of the most amazing roommates and some very good friends here in UGA. Rahul Jain, Abhijit Patil, Neelesh Sharma, Sandeep Ramesh were my roommates through 2001-2002. I had the good fortune of coming across 3 very sharp personalities - Pradeep Nagar, Ved Singh, Sandeep Singh - my roommates in 2002-03. Our favorite passtime was to be involved in discussions and debates, and enjoy the discovery of the sheer diversity that we all came from. In 2003-04, I lived with Vinay Sachdev, Ananda Chowdhury, Siddharth Chattopadhyay, Hrushikesh Oka, Sanjay Chellapilla, Ravi Pavagada and Dipankar Bannerjee in Rivermill 100-53. It was here that I also met my god-sister and law enforcement officer, Haritha Muthyala. The mentions here would be incomplete without Sandeep Adipathy the silent mentor, Jet the Biker (Hurray to Steeplechase), Madhi the quiet-smile-in-the-corner, SK and GK (the dance shockers), Noorul Ameen the disappearing magician!

ANAND BHIKA: He bleeds business, cricket, tennis and fashion. He thinks he owns the world - I love his attitude. Fondly known as Bhika or Anandi.

PALLAVI CHHABRA: A sweet friend, always worried about solving others troubles. Talented artist - she dances well!

IMRAN KHAN: Girls dig him! A multi talented person. I just discovered he sings well too! Fondly called Imli.

ROHIT AGGARWAL: A thorough gentleman! Very ambitious and very caring!

BEENA VORA: A very nice and cute little lady. Always works hard but knows how to have fun! She is a talented dancer!

DHARA SHAH: A pharmacist in the making, she is also an excellent dancer and a singer. Her taste in music as well as her philosophy about life amazes and intrigues!

ABHISHEK CHUGH: This man can make you laugh without even saying a word! And when he does speak, you will need to visit the doctor to get your sides stitched.

DHANASHRI BAGAL: She can make u cry like a baby; but more often she is busy making you smile like one.

HAMILA BHIKA: She is one of the sweetest and caring persons I have known. I wish she hadn't moved to Florida. She introduced me to hip-hop and "gave" me the art of shopping :-)

JINALI DESAI: She is a bag of laughter - always full of energy. I have spied on her to find out how she does it. I am convinced it is supernatural. No, really.

AJAY MOTI: He is a talented rising star - a musician and a budding accountant. He prefers to be discrete, but has plans to own your soul. You have been warned! (web site)

JOSH WINTJE: Abe Lincoln you better watch out. This guy may out beat you in looking like yourself! I can never tell when he is really passed out or just smiling at us :-)

GENTRY MORRIS: He has been singing for a while. I hope some day he gets all the fame he deserves.

ANDY MORRIS: "Hey Andy, I appreciate your understanding of the Human Embryo. you know that right?" The most knowledgeable guy I knew in Athens. He transcends all ...

JOSIAH SHOUPE: You can never tell when he is angry. He is always laughing. you need to hear him :-)

A-DOG (ERIN) MANNING: He transcends all rationality. And keep that way from me! Eh!

SAURABH GUPTA: He is not only a friend, but I count him as my advisor. I revere his knowledge and genius!

ABHIJIT PATIL: The Java guru! He has been a very great friend. I cherish the times we were all roommates, with RAHUL JAIN, NEELESH SHARMA, and SANDEEP VEYURU.

NAMRATA ASURI: Amazing amount of sarcasm hidden behind the innocent looking face. She sings well by the way ;-)

JANAKI AMIN: "Knock! knock! Who is there?"

ROY FENOFF: Always brimming with energy and raring to go. He loves traveling! He had been off to Mexico for a while, and now he is in Wyoming! Update: Roy is now a certified handwriting and document forgery examiner! In case you need help, go to his website at


BMS - Mithibai College

I will always remember how I met Raj and Meher during the admissions process and how we became the best of friends.

RAJ GANDHI: Always thinking "Trade". Sharp and smart, but always humble and humorous.

MEHERZAD DASTOOR: The calmest man I have met. The peace-loving idea machine. Always understated.

HRISHIKESH MEHTA: "Can you sell a refrigerator to an eskimo?" Yes.

OWAIS DHIYAN: One of the most well-read people I have ever met. Who says books are obsolete?

RAZA WADKAR: Absolutely creative. An inspiration for my designing talents.

MOLINA WARTY: My beacon (sometimes, in need of a beacon). Need I say more?

RINKU NANDU: The queen of organization, and a gem of a person.

MANPREET SINGH UPPAL: "I need the moon delivered to Mars". "Will be done by 8 AM tomorrow". Mr. Mission Impossible!


BSc - St. Xavier's College

MATTHEW D' SOUZA: He always had a serious look on him. He is very sharp and very caring! My best buddy in Xavier's.

JASON ALMEIDA: His lean body hid an enormous amount of energy - football, cricket, you name it! Always extending help to anyone who needed it.

RUPALI VARMA: Such a smile! She always won hundreds of hearts! Always busy organizing activities! Miss busy bee :)

PRASANNA TAMANG: He sang and it rained, well ... it rained tears :) I wonder what he is up to these days. I hope he is still sticking around town in Mumbai.

SUKANYA PANI: Lawyer cum social worker cum comedian cum scholar cum laude ... with her the list never stops. Very talented.

ANISH GHOSH: Brilliant navigator of the world of Physics and Maths. I told him he was going to be a professor some day :-)

SREEPARNA CHATTOPADHYAY: Amazed me with her strong sense of purpose, and a refreshing outlook on life.

WASIM LOKHANDE: The gang leader! We always stayed late in college after classes were over, and just spent some time philosophizing. His eye chased anyone who walked past the Chicken Stick counter in the canteen!

TREVOR FERNANDES: Aquarius personified! Always came up with the most unheard of subjects. I told him he would have his own radio show one day ;-)

GAURAV KUMAR: A marketing genius. He made the decision to join BMS just as I did. Always brimming with ideas.

ASHAY BHISE: The technical expert who makes a lot of business sense.


Junior College - Mithibai College

MEET MAKADIA: The serious, studious, emotional deep thinker.

GYAN DOSHI: An intellectual genius, a Linux fan, and a very good person. The best brain in technology!

MOHIT KHARIWAL: Always had wisdom beyond his years. Brainy kid


NIIT - Hill Road, Bandra

VINAY KHANNA: A gem of a man. Always heard saying, "Mai aur meri gulabo (motorcycle) aksar yeh baatein kartein hain". Very ambitious. May all his noble ambitions come true.

PRAVEEN KUMAR JHA: Broken assignments, confusing lectures - but he was always there to help me out - my good friend and guide. I still miss those chicken rolls at Hill Road!

VARSHA DATANI: This gal from Mahim, was undoubtedly the smartest in the pack and a die-hard NIITian.


School and High School - Bhavan's A. H. Wadia High School

MANOJ BHARADWAJ: My best buddy through school, my close confidante. He is the next big hit on the stock market!

MILIND SHAH: Another close buddy from school. He is a budding entrepreneur!

ABHISHEK TIWARI: The ever-resourceful kid with a solid potential for wrestling!

POONAM PAWAR: A wonderful girl, filled with energy and a good sense of "direction". She hated Science, but scored more than anyone else :P

NIYATI PISE: I never expected her to be an Engineer. She was always a topper, but hated technical stuff. She was also very good at sports - running, etc. (I sucked!)

NIRMIN VIRANI: We were often debating about issues - sometimes we argued even when we knew we were on the same side - just for fun. She was always laughing, full of humor! She was quite athletic too - I remember her winning several running competitions.

SEEMA TRIPATHI: Always well respected and held up as an ideal. The poet in her was always coming up with new expressions.

OJAS VAKIL: He was born with an accounting book in his hands. He hates technical people and technology - but we were good friends - in spite. We tackled some major philosophical issues!

DEEPTI KK and DIVYA KK: The two Krishana Kumari sisters who always topped the class! I wish I had their brains!


Childhood Friends

I had the good fortune of growing up with these wonderful people:

SAUMIL SHAH: My best buddy; we grew up like brothers. He is a fine athlete and crazy about cricket! (web site)

SNEHAL SHAH: The big brother! For me, my bro and Saumil. He invented the name "Chip and Dale" for me and my bro

JAYMIT DESAI: Also known as "Jay". He is a charming young man with a very caring personality.

NISHANT EDVANKAR: Another great buddy of mine. Always with me in my search for scientific satisfaction and crazy projects to electrocute everyone.

BHAVESH UNARKAT: A very disciplined young man - beyond human!

JAYESH UNARKAT: Kept us all guessing about his next prank!

KARL AND NEVIL: These were one of the first few friends I can remember - I was just 4 yrs old then - too young to know I should have kept in touch. I probably won't even recognize them now, they must have grown up! We had some awesome time playing hide and seek and lego blocks!


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